One of the Newest Scam's happening is with Neutralizer.  THE PROBLEM we are finding is that customers are getting calls from the same company telling them they need "Calcite" in addition to the "Neutralizer"! PLEASE NOTE: What many people call Neutralizer is known as Calcite- which is the technical name.  

The Second Scam is that people are being told that the "Salt Water Softeners" They Sell will Not need SALT for A YEAR.  We are professionals and we all know in the industry (1) It depends on the size of the tank - the larger the tank the more salt it holds and more room it takes up in your home.  (2) The age of the home and the number of people who live in the home accounts for Salt usage.

Short Story as Related to the Second Scam:  Company X, one company sells about 85% or more of a specialty Brand. While another Company Y, in the general area sells the same Brand.  Company Y  was answering questions to customers about whether his specialty brand can go an entire year without salt. Company Y had corrected at least 4 customers in just over an 8-day time span. You see Company Y was not aware that Company X was telling misleading information about what the systems can do(not the 1st time).  It also was no help to either Company, that we were called on the phone and questioned about salt where we explained the process in full detail.  Yes, we Explaining as The Associate was not aware that they were stepping on the toes of their other specialty brand associate.  Never underestimate anyone, People do their homework, Customers are Smart and Savvy.    

Yes, we did get the Customer's business, but there is more to it than that. We Educate the consumer on our systems and other systems too. Specification sheets from the manufactures that are Gold Star with WQA and or are NSF Certified will not publish inaccurate specifications sheets or data.