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Reverse Osmosis  System :  Special  - $75.00 off every system.  

Do you know what is really in your water?  Are you okay with what someone else says is a safe amount of Arsenic, or various other contaminates for you and your loved ones to drink?  I personally am not, nor should anyone else be okay with it either.  Think back Coffee was no good then it is good then only some coffee a day is okay, Eggs where good then not good now good again.  Our Food pyramids have changed over the years too. So, why trust that its okay to have contaminates in your drinking water now? Why is it okay to have toxins at certain levels today that was not okay years ago?  There are many studies as to why this maybe the case today, more people not enough reservoirs, run off of rain water mixed with lawn chemicals get it into water supplies. The list and reason's go on and on.   

We believe Everyone deserves Clean Pure Water. We are committed to helping you provide purified safe water to you and your loved ones.  Clean water is important at every stage of our lives, we cook with it, drink it to hydrate our bodies, we use it in preparing food. We wash our vegetables and fruit to remove germs with non-purified water.  What is in your water, that is now on the fresh vegetables and fruits that you just washed?     Call or email us so we can work together for a solution for you and your loved ones have healthier water at your kitchen sink.   We also have whole house systems as well.  More information on Reverse Osmosis see the tab above Showroom & Products.  

Whats in your water Find out   - COPY  this site to web browser and enter zip code :   https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/search-results.php?zip5=007436&searchtype=zip#.WmzhOKinE73

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