Announcements From Our Office to Our Customers

We are pleased to announce that we at A1WCS are getting active with our community and government.  We are contacting our legislators regarding the overall concerns of our water issues as a state and community.  Stay tuned, we will keep you updated. 

This is important to everyone - so we have placed this notice below in several places so that it won't be missed

UREGENT - Published on 9/20/2017 by EQA ORG - Click on Water - News and Info Tab for more information about Arsenic in drinking water and its dangers.  Check to see if your town is part of the EPA's expectable levels of Arsenic for us to consume.  

We at A1WCS do not believe any level of Arsenic is okay to consume or allow children to consume

Growing, Developing Relationships and Community.

We have created affiliations with other like companies in the industry.  What does that mean to our customers? It provides a huge benefit for a multitude of reasons.  We all have access to products that one of us many not normally carry: specialty faucet's, access to top Granite specialists, availability to a larger pool of parts for those very old systems. 

We created a larger pool of reputable Master Electrician’s; for times a customer needs someone and doesn't know anyone.  We also created a huge pool of reputable Master Plumbers and Plumbing Companies.  This is especially important for customers who need extensive plumbing work that goes beyond our scope of a project.  When needed, Teaming up for very large projects: in order to get the project done more efficiently, in turn reducing costs to the customer.  

At the end of the day we are all concerned with the same things:

Serving our customers with integrity and honestly, providing the fairest price possible, ensuring quality workmanship and quality products.  


Office Announcement: 

We couldnt be more excited to announce that we are in the process of becoming a Certified Women Owned Small Business nationally.  This certification will also provide us with memberships and certifications with Small Business Association. 

Thanks to our future association with NWBOC our company will have access to utilize the organizations specialization,  in providing procurement resources for securing Government and Corporate Contracts, including Vendor partnerships.