Why Customers Chose Us we are a Local Business with 30 Years Industry Experience

Vinnie Murino our COO formally with "Advanced Water Softening & Siemens USA" has over 30 years in the industry.  Specialized in large commercial projects and residential systems.  Vinnie is known in the industry as the answer man, thanks to his dad Lou “who was once known as the legend” who helped develop Vinnie in the early days.

What We did to Separate  us from others

Why Us?  Reputation, Honesty and Integrity . Why Customers chose us? We are a Local Business, 30 years Industry Experience.

  • Created a division dedicated to concentrate specifically to water treatment services: Water ,Softeners, Treatment, Installation , Maintenance and Supplies.
  • Scheduled Salt Deliveries , water filters and carbon bed changes services and direct sales from our showroom.  

Points of Difference as compared to most of our Competition:

  • Our Customer Comes First.  This may seem basic, but too many companies for get this. 
  • We Do Not Have Monthly Quota's on any of our units.

  • We sell an array of brands and products to fit our customers needs (Not making the customer fit the products we carry).

  • Team of Professionals: Accountants, Sales, Marketing, Business Managers, Human Resources, Water Treatment Specialists, Master Plumber and Project Managers.
  • Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience in the industry.  

We are interested in the big picture , “our reputation”. We have happily assisted customers with whom we've never met -  handling issues over the phone, saving the customer the expense of a service call.

 We are known for not OVER-SELLING to customers. 

We have been requested to give quotes from customers who where told " they need a new system "only to find out the system needed only a part “or” there was nothing wrong at all with the system.  We commit ourselves to never being that "company" that our new customers have shared their experiences of-not being fully informed about the full range of options available

The Price we Quote is the Price we Quote: 

We are dedicated to excellence in all that we do, in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, OUR First Price is our best price a fair and reasonable price backed by quality customer service.   We do not cut corners, up sale, add-ons or price adjustments on the back end on salt, service or parts to make up for the lowest cost.

We do not believe in the "Crazy Eddie "or "The Price is Right" way of doing business.  

We operate with full integrity. In our professional opinion if the a company doesn't give you the best price the first time . You should ask yourself this question:  is this the kind of company I want to do business with?

The only way you got a cheaper price is if you wasted your valuable time, having various companies come in. Then if a cheaper price or comparable price came in they will then discount you more to beat the price......    " Sadly, this type of behavior is what gave used car salesman a bad reputation years ago".

What if you didn't know that and you made the deal? How foolish would you feel when you found out that you didn't get the best price ? Will you the consumer feel taken advantage of or even worse? How would you feel every time you get a salt delivery or maintenance?  Are you wondering are they taking advantage of me again?


We will operate with Integrity and Honesty in all that we do. 

  • If that means losing a service call or losing an installation we are good with it … Our concern is the bigger picture, we have a new long-term customer.  At the end of the day we maintained our reputation and can sleep at night.   

  • Working hard for all your water solutions - ensuring the right products for the customer (we don't need to push only one or two product lines we have a variety of products)

  • Our services and equipment are backed with experience, dedication,  quality, and durability.

  • Various Warranties depending on make and model.

  • Licensed ,  Registered and Insured.*****NO NOT EVERYONE IS ... just because they state it does not mean they are. 



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