Buyer Beware

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The term " Buyer Beware” has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially in law classes.  I always felt it was not fair or in the best interest of the public.  That is exactly why special agencies have been set up by State's and at the Federal level to help protect this so-called term.  The issue is that the average person does not know what to look for and sometimes how. 


 Honestly, it can be really inconvenient for the consumer to know what to look for and how to look for it.

WE HAVE PROVIDED: A Page with valuable information including what to ask a contractor.  There is also a page with LIVE LINK'S for Consumers to utilize in verifying information about the contractors.                                                                SEE link below     

Here are a few tips to the “Buyer Beware”  especially with the internet. 

  • Not all companies are who and what they say they are.  Some companies over time do not adapt and change to the regulations and consumers concerns. 

  • Statistically, most companies that fail, fail because they are not adaptable, and flexible and become stale.
  • Our lives revolve around the internet, computers/tablets, mobile devices and cell phones.  The remarkable thing we can access data anytime anyplace. The flip side of this makes every aspect of our lives more vulnerable to being targeted by scammers and popup companies. Some of what we find on the internet are companies that look legit.  Unfortunately, many of these companies on the internet did nothing but assume a business name and listed themselves with a website and email "setting up business".  
  • On the other hand, there are other businesses who were once legal whom may no longer be.  Some are either not properly registered with the State of NJ State Department of Treasury.  WHAT seems to be very popular is not being Licensed or Registered to operate by The State of New Jersey Office of the Attorney Generals with Division of Consumer Affairs.   


  • When hiring a contractor ask for a copy of their General Liability Insurance and Workman's Compensation. 
  • Check that the policies are active, the contact information of the Agent and or Insurance company is listed on the documents. 
  • Ensure that the Name of the company insured is the Name Registered as the Contractor that you are doing business with.  ***REMEMBER if a Trade Name or DBA is being used it will list it.