Buyer Beware :    Check out the Contractor you are hiring is Registered or Licensed with the NJDCA.

NJ Attorney General Department of Consumer Affairs:   Image below will assist you in what to do.  Click on link below and all you need to do is type in the name of the Business in the State of NJ.      

Note:           When you click on Live Link below - After reading general info - select VERIFIYING A LICENSE ENTER the Business Name to see if Licensed or Registered with the Division.  If there is a DBA (doing business as) an alternate name as well it will be listed in the full information sheet the DBA name on the Right-hand side of the documents.

****NOTE YOU CAN ALWAYS SEE:  that Actual date issued and Expired for a License or Registration in the site [click on the data that appears and it will open and display the full info on Company]

verify contractor.png