and Financing available

Our motto is to provide the best service and products to everyone possible.  Water is our passion not just our business therefore, in order to meet all of our customers needs we offer various rental options.  

We will discuss your current and long-term needs.  Together we can come up with assorted options that are available to fit your needs

  • It could be a short-term rental with option to buy. 
  • Then there are just straight out rental options as well – which may not be in the best choice. It will depend on the individual or business needs. 
  • We can provide outsource 3rd party  financing , which has been successful for large projects and makes better financial sense in the long term.

There are many options it will be up to you which works best for you and your situation. 

There are benefits and there are down sides to : Long term rentals, generally is never the best option for most consumers, it can be misleading and not cost effective, especially on a basic unit.    The upside is a low monthly payment which is used by many companies to insure a sale.  The low monthly payment does work for some customers and that maybe the best or most comfortable way for the individual.   


We will explain and show you the pros and cons to these types of options above.  We believe in educating the consumer fully, so they make the best decision possible not just for the short term but overall.  We are happy to responsibly accommodate the unique needs of the individual consumer as no two situations are necessarily the same.