Water Treatment Systems

Water Softening and Conditioning units; one and two tank systems or Single Unit Solution, Including Whole House Water Softener System.  Various Filters, UV Units and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Equipment and Systems


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Carbon Filters
Carbon Units
Filter Brackets
Filter Cartridges
Filter Housing
Filter Wrenches
Filters for Ice Makers
Filtration Medias

Iron Filters

"UV" Ultraviolet Systems

                                   " UV-System " 

                                   "UV-System " 

"UV"  Ultraviolet Systems : 

GENREALLY for Well Water

"UV-System " 

Generally used to control bacteria from spreading " commonly found in well water.  

UV-C energy inactivates pathogens without adding anything to water, there is no aftertaste or chemicals.  This protects not only your health but the enviorment as well.

Water Softening Systems

 Residential Water Softening Tanks shown here... Commerical tanks available and are on a much larger scale .

 Residential Water Softening Tanks shown here... Commerical tanks available and are on a much larger scale .

Softeners come in various sizes : Shown above One and Two Tank Systems:

Two Tank Systems : 

NSF Certified : HTO Down flow Series Whole House Water Refining System.

One Tank System

Clack Valve high efficiency high flow system.


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This unit Softens and Removes Unpleasant Taste caused by chlorine and organics in your water supply.  The system is mixed bed containing Carbon and Cation exchange resin Multiple Water Problems by Hydrotech NSF Certified (a more affordable alterative to Water Care/ Water Right Systems)




Reverse Osmosis system

                             Reverse Osmosis

                             Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems

 4 Stage Systems

5 Stage Systems

Capacity :  50, 75 or 100 gallons of Purified Water per day.  

Energy efficient

Great cost alternative to bottled water or home water coolers.  



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Clack Valve's / Fleck Valve's / Hydrotech/Canature Water Group

High Efficiency

High Flow


Digital with Touch Pads

Simple Electronic Valve with index knob to manually regenerate.  

No touch "Rotating" information Display

Basic simple Value Fleck 5600 series.